About Us

Our History

Founded in 1983 by Gordon Keane, Digital Vision, Inc. (DVI) is a family owned business based in Portland, Oregon. Our company is an innovator in the use of PCs in wholesale optical labs to produce ophthalmic lenses. Through the strength of our development team, and our close relationships with our customers and industry partners, DVI continues to be the leader in Lab Management Software throughout North America.

Our Products

DVI's core product is the VISION Lab Management System — a comprehensive software solution for any optical lab. VISION features modules for Rx processing, accounts receivable, inventory management, order tracking and sorting, production and management reporting, and robust interfaces with laboratory equipment, from legacy to leading edge. More information on VISION is available HERE.

Labs running VISION are provided the RxWizard™ as a tool to connect with their customers, the Eyecare Professional. The "Wizard" allows optical labs to provide customized product availability information, real–time order tracking, easy online ordering, and personally tailored monthly usage reports. More information on RxWizard™ is available HERE.

Our latest development is the SEER — a mobile app for iOS and Android. The SEER takes many of the functions of the RxWizard™ on the go, allowing Eyecare Professionals to stay in touch with their work even when they cannot reach the office. More information on the SEER is available on the iTunes store, or HERE on the Google Play website.

DVI's customers range from labs manufacturing fewer than fifty jobs (pairs of glasses) each day, to labs shipping five thousand or more jobs every day. Because of this, our software has the flexibility and scalability to adapt to many different environments. With DVI, all of our customers have the software to maximize their current resources, and the ability to grow and bring in new manufacturing technology with confidence.

Our Team

The foundation of our business is the confidence that our customers have in our developers and OLA Award winning customer support staff. DVI's team brings wide ranging experience in software development, opticianry, laboratory production and management, business, and scientific applications and research. Our developers and support staff work closely with customers to refine the software, and several of our team have obtained patents in both software and optical manufacturing technology.