Accounts Receivable

DVI's Accounts Receivable is a set of programs designed to track, summarize, analyze and describe all accounts receivable transactions. These details are used to produce monthly statements and daily, weekly and monthly reports. Each account is assigned an account number under which all payments, adjustments and balances are stored. All transactions are done on an account basis; no transactions are made against global accounts. This helps to ensure each account is properly tracked. One of the newest features of DVI's Accounts Receivable program is the addition of open item. This is a Balance Forward open item posting system. Open item allows payments to be "applied" to individual invoices within an account. Transaction reports are available which reflect resolved, unresolved, etc. invoices. Daily, weekly and monthly Accounts Receivable reports may be generated in a variety of sorts. This allows you the flexibility to see accounts in the order you desire.

A/R Processing

Maintains accurate Accounts Receivable balances, payments and adjustments and includes Balance Forward with Open Item reconciliation (payment by invoice). VISION prepares statements for each customer and allows varied approaches to volume and product discounting.

Credit Processing

Safeguards against typical problems such as issuing multiple credits for the same job. VISION's method of handling credits and returns allows you to trace transactions by customer. Credit reasons can be defined and reported on.

Secure Emailed Statements

VISION has the option to create secure, password protected, monthly statements and email them automatically to your accounts. This ensures that statements go directly to the correct person while maintaining a high level of security.