The Combobulator

DVI's OLA Award winning Combobulator program is the heart of the order entry process. The "Combob" brings in orders from remote ordering systems and lab entry and sorts them according to customizable logic. Jobs are sorted, stored, and processed according to lab–determined criteria, optimizing work flow for the specifics of each location.

Job Sorting

Jobs entering the lab are sorted into queues according to specific criteria. These queues can then take a variety of actions. For example, simple jobs may be automatically put into process without review, while more complex jobs may wait for review before entering the lab floor.

Job Routing

Combobulator queues can sort jobs that need to be outsourced according to specified criteria. These queues can then be set to automatically send those jobs to the outsource lab, keeping handling of the job to an absolute minimum. When the job is received back from the outsource lab, it is trayed up and completed as normal.

Automatically Generate Tray Numbers

As labs rely more on automated functions, managing pre–numbered trays is increasingly counterproductive. Jobs that do not need to be physically trayed up are assigned an appropriate tray number through AGT to allow routing, short ordering, status updates, and more. This allows work to proceed without filling a wall rack with multi–colored, empty, numbered trays.