Rx Invoicing

Eliminates all manual calculations and creates a professional invoice. VISION produces an itemized invoice for each prescription with prices calculated from the prescription itself instead of being entered by hand.

Stock Invoicing

The stock order program enables you to configure your stock pricelist in very much the same manner as Rx invoicing; you can the produce either credits, memos, or debit invoices. The transactions consist of miscellaneous items (e.g. equipment, lab supplies, etc.), frames, and lenses. Usage figures are also incremented for accurate usage reporting. Postage, discounts (global or quantity) and taxes can also be applied.

Pricing and Costing

VISION pricing module is a database used for pricing and producing invoices for prescriptions and lens and frame products. It has been designed to facilitate the most complex price lists in use today.

VISION's costing configuration allows accurate tracking of the cost of materials, along with services applied to each lens, and costs associated with digital surfacing.