Inventory Management


VISION maintains definitions of lens products for exact lens cutout and thickness calculations, resulting in maximum usage of small blanks and finished lenses with a substantial reduction in breakage. VISION reports usage statistics, inventory counts, and valuation. Lens information is maintained with industry standard product codes, and accurate curve and shape data.


VISION maintains definitions of frame products: storing size, edge type and processing requirements, color, price and cost data. Correct order entry of frame information is ensured through convenient scrolling techniques and edits. VISION reports usage statistics, inventory counts and valuation.


DVI also has the ability to inventory your miscellaneous stock items. This can be done either manually, or by importing files from manufacturers. For example, Hilco items may be added to your database from a master Hilco file.


VISION can interface directly to vendors' electronic order systems, but also has the flexibility to create orders by fax, email, or through the internet. VISION creates both stock order and short order P.O.s, maintains product back–orders, and reconciles inventory electronically. VISION creates detailed product and manufacturer reports, and can produce delay notices for customers with back–ordered products. Perpetual inventory tracks product usage, and uses lab defined algorithms to automatically determine order amounts.