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RxWizard 6.18 Release Hilights

  • Password and username recovery

RxWizard 6.15 Release Hilights

  • Order as sent function

RxWizard 6.12 Release Hilights

  • Rxnumber barcode on frame packing slip

RxWizard 6.9 Release Hilights

  • Import frame tracing from file

RxWizard 6.1 Release Hilights

  • Remote Order Modification
    • Cancel an order that has not been processed
    • Modify an order that has not been processed
    • Send processing instructions missed when placing the original order
  • Cascading menus by frame collection
  • Cascading menus by edge type

RxWizard 6.0 Release Hilights

  • Ability to display orders "as transmitted"

RxWizard 5.9.1 Release Hilights

  • Order shipment tracking information available in the Reports menu
  • Tighten fitting value edits
  • Final version to support Windows 95, Windows 2000

RxWizard™ 5.4 Release Hilights

  • Mail to patient
  • Cascading menu support for lab-specific digital styles
  • New mechanism to recover from lost password
  • Enhanced edits for fitting values
  • Accepts jobs from Foxfire

RxWizard™ 5.2 Release Hilights

  • Fitting values entry
    • Wrap angle, pantoscopic tilt, back vertex distance...
    • Must be enabled at lab
  • Digital styles menu
  • Lab name appears on order printout
  • Enter email address under account setup (helpful in case of lost password)
  • Invalid add powers are caught at order entry

RxWizard™ 5.0 Release Hilights

  • New Order Lookup functionality
    • Must be enabled in setup options (except for new installs)
    • Comprehensive display of lab-entered / RxWizard™ entered / archived orders
    • Click column header to sort by patient, rx number, lab inv#, enter or ship date
    • Icons on right indicate traced jobs and lab-entered jobs
  • Progressive Fitting Height menu
  • Can display Comprehensive Profile report (when supplied by lab)
  • Change "Force" wording to "Held"

RxWizard™ 4.7 Release Hilights

  • Enhanced security / privacy features
    • Conveniently change password by account (from Setup/Account menu)
    • Conveniently fetch password by answering a security question
    • Fix login errors on the fly by typing the password or security answer
    • Password changes periodically enforced
  • Active entry field hilited in light blue
  • Enhanced Frame to Come packing slip; additional information provided for the lab
  • New warning on questionable PDs

Remo 4.6 Release Hilights

  • Cascading menus by material
  • New Office lens handling
    • Simply enter OFFICE lens style
    • Enter add power
    • The correct OFFICE lens style is selected by the lab
    • This feature must be enabled at the lab
  • Option to move jobs over 60 days old to archive
    • Located in the File menu
  • Miscellaneous stock entry supported
  • Stock lens cascading menu change: power before diameter

Remo 4.5 Release Hilights

  • Rx Coating report
  • Lab-specific tracer calibration
  • Optional field for operator code

Remo 4.4 Release Hilights


  • Order Lookup remembers previous search
  • New search options
    • frame name
    • lens style
    • lab invoice number
    • web order number
    • lab tray location
    • entry date
    • ship date
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    • Shift-Enter goes up a line
    • when a field is filled up, the cursor moves to the next field automatically
    • Ctrl-End deletes a field
    • the dot is automatically filled in on some numeric entry fields
    • Ctrl-Uparrow and Ctrl-Downarrow move the cursor up and down the screen
  • Clicking the lab icon on the entry screen opens the lab's web site, if the lab has this feature enabled
  • New warnings for unusual frame status / edge combinations
  • Redo orders now request a redo reason and original invoice number


  • new lens indicator field for thin or industrial thickness lenses
  • new stock special instruction field added (transmits to lab)
  • manufacturer selection list for lenses
  • sphere, cylinder, base, and add selection lists
  • ability to order frame components

Remo 4.3 Release Hilights


  • ECP Sales Profile reports by style and material available under Reports and Bulletins menu
  • Option to prompt for entry of AR coating


  • Frame stock ordering
  • Power availability checking for lens ordering

Remo 4.2 Release Hilights

  • Ability to send patterns independent of orders
  • Jobs at "Frame to Come" for more than two days show in red

Remo 4.1 Release Hilights

  • Ability to enter lens stock orders
  • For traced  orders, pattern displays in lower right of entry screen
  • "View Graphic" option displays pattern actual size

Remo 4.0 Release Hilights

  • Cascading menus for quick entry of frames
  • New "Package" field for easy entry of Rx packages
  • New ship option - ship job when shipped from lab (web only)
  • New "I" option in enclosed field means "Info only; supply no lens"

Remo 3.7 Release Hilights

  • Option to use the DVI GeoTracer
  • Option to search by job status in Order Inquiry
  • Error diagnostics uploaded automatically (used for troubleshooting)

Remo 3.5 Release Hilights

  • "Refresh" button in order inquiry updates online (web) job statuses.
  • Help system revised and expanded.  Remember, F1 is the help key.
  • New command keys - Alt+X transmits, Alt+V displays the job graphic.
  • Entering 'S' in the left sphere field copies sphere, cylinder, axis and PD from the right eye.
  • Remo program updates no longer require restarting the computer.

Remo 3.3 Release Hilights

  • The coating fields are redesigned for greater ease of entry.
  • Coatings are now categorized by type (AR, scratch, UV, and "Other", including color and mirror coats).
  • The reports menu is redesigned to allow viewing this Highlight Bulletin, as well as Lens Styles Release Bulletins and reports supplied by your optical lab.
  • A "Print" option appears on the Order Lookup screen. This produces a report of all orders matching the specified search criteria.
  • In the Order Lookup screen, the "Not Entered via Remo" button has been renamed "Online Order Statuses". It now includes statuses for all orders including those entered from Remo.
  • The printout now includes tint description

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